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What is the Flying X Ranch?

The Flying X Ranch is located 184 miles north of Denver, 92 miles from Cheyenne, and about 30 miles southwest of Wheatland, Wyoming (799 Halleck Canyon Road, Wheatland, WY 82201 -- look it up on Google Maps for map and satellite views).

The Flying X Ranch was originally part of the McGill Ranch, homesteaded in the 19th century. Several old homestead sites and the ruins of a one room school are still visible, and a number of Indian tipi rings mark the campsites of earlier inhabitants. The US Cavalry frequently crossed the original ranch, using historic Guide Rock as a landmark. The Flying X was purchased from the McGill family in the 1970s by developers who established a membership ranch and private wilderness preserve. When the development fell on hard times, membership dwindled (at one point the ranch supported over 900 member families) and progress was halted. A group of forward-thinking individuals pooled their resources, bought the facility, and restructured it to its current status. Proper management, conservative financial controls, and long-range planning have allowed the Partnership to grow and ensure long-term stability. Almost 24,000 acres ensure open space, miles of horse trails, fishing lakes, ATV routes, hunting, and much, much more.

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